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Pintér Ádám
Samu Krisztián

Technological solutions to compensate humanmeteorological measurement errors with measuring human activity and movement

Doi number:10.17667/riim.2016.1-2/1.

Keywords: sampling rate, acceleration measurement, human movement, humanmeteorology

To enhance the objectivity of humanmeteorological measurements, various instrumental measurements are required. These equipments are suitable to explore the desired relationships, only if those are able to record simultaneously the individual's physiological and micro-environmental parameters and their transients. It is also important to possibly filter or measure the disturbances effecting our measurements in order to compensate errors in our results. In our case this factor is the physical activity of the individual, which has effect on physiological parameters, therefore we have to register its value in function of time. The following paper deals with technical and theoretical questions of measuring this factor and summarizes the ascertainment we collected during the experiments. The topic is an integral part of teh PhD research Á. Pintér behooves at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


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