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Flaviu BirouaČ™ IonuČ›
Nilgesz Arnold
Cornea Mihai

Odometry and Teleoperation Application using NI Robotics

Doi number:10.17667/riim.2016.1-2/4.

Keywords: mobile robot, teleoperation, feedback tasks

This document is intended to present the progress in developing a remotely operated mobile robot that can feedback information related to its position. The equipment used for the robot frame, communication and feedback technology are used are just one alternative of achieving the teleoperation and feedback tasks, and are not to be taken as the standard or the only way of achieving the objectives. The application was programmed using LabVIEW for the remote operation of the robot, for obtaining video streaming we have used two alternatives one being a standard IP camera and the other using a USB WebCam connected to a Raspberry Pi. Positioning feedback was determined from the information provided by the two motor encoders mounted on the DC motors.


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