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Kuantama Endrowednes
Tarca Ioan
Tarca Radu
Craciun Dan

Aspects Regarding Fly Control of Quadcopter

Doi number:10.17667/riim.2016.1-2/7.

Keywords: quadcopter, attitude, gyroscope, fly control, orientation sensor

Quadcopter is one of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which has two pairs of identical fixed pitched rotor propellers. It can fly autonomously based on pre-programmed flight or manually controlled by a remote, and every movement achieved by varying the speed of each rotor independently. The orientation of quadcopter axes relative to a reference line and its direction of motion are known as attitude. Fly control factors are affected by attitude determination which can be calculated from 3 possible angles using combined measurement. Gyroscope and accelerometer are primary sensors to control quadcopter attitude, but magnetometer sensor and GPS also used to enhance the stability during flight. This paper will focus on details of function and mathematical formula of every factor regarding fly control and comparative data of 2 types of orientation sensor used in this system.


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