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Sarvajcz Kornél
Váradiné Szarka Angela

Development of portable measuring system for testing of electrical vehicle’s heat energy recovery system

Doi number:10.17667/riim.2016.1-2/10.

Keywords: Energy Harvesting, Thermoelectric generator, Energy recovery system, electrical vehicle

Nowadays the consumer society applies a huge amount of energy in many fields including the transportation sector. The application of the internal combustion vehicles contribute substantially to the air pollution. An alternative solution for reducing energy consumption is replacing the internal combustion vehicles by electrical or hybrid vehicles. Today one of the biggest disadvantages of the electrical vehicles is the finite capacity of batteries. The research topic presented in this paper is the „Energy Harvesting”, and development of energy recovery system for electrical vehicles which largely contributes in increasing the driving range. At the current phase of the research efficiency analysis of the heat energy recovery devices are investigated in real driving circumstances. Computer based mobile and wireless measurement system for the analysis was developed, tested and installed in a real vehicle. Driving tests were performed and analysed in different circumstances.


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