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Performance Analysis of An Experimental Micro Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

Doi number:10.17667/riim.2016.1-2/13.

Keywords: Measurement, FMS, Robot manipülatör, Accelerations, Vibrations, Prediction

Due to advanced technology, it is very important the performance of FMS for sensivity, production quality, repeatability and energy consumptions. Flexible manufacturing systems (FMSs) are the most automated and technologically sophisticated of the machine cell types used to implement cellular manufacturing. An FMS usually has multiple automated stations and is capable of variable routings among stations, while its flexibility allows it to operate as a mixed model system. The FMS concept integrates many of the advanced technologies that we met in previous units, including flexible automation, CNC machines, distributed computer control, and automated material handling and storage. In this experimental investigation, vibration and accelerations analysis of an experimental FMS with 5 degrees of freedom robot manipulator are presented. Firstly, experimental measurement of accelerations and vibrations are trained with a vibration measurement system and sensors. However, the process of production of part is a cycle of exact production time.


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