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Abouzaid Wessam M. F.
Sallam Elsayed. A.

Implementation of Adaptive Neural Networks Controller for NXT SCARA Robot System

Doi number:10.17667/riim.2017.1/3.

Keywords: Nonlinear MIMO Systems; ADALINE; trajectory design; NXT SCARA Model

Several neural network controllers for robotic manipulators have been developed during the last decades due to their capability to learn the dynamic properties and the improvements in the global stability of the system. In this paper, an adaptive neural controller has been designed with self learning to resolve the problems caused by using a classical controller. A comparison between the improved unsupervised adaptive neural network controller and the P controller for the NXT SCARA robot system is done, and the result shows the improvement of the self learning controller to track the determined trajectory of robotic automated controllers with uncertainties. Implementation and practical results were designed to guarantee online real-time.


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