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Samu Krisztián
Thamó Bálint

Internet based light quality measurement

Doi number:10.17667/riim.2017.1/4 .

Keywords: webserver; correlated color temperature; illuminance; sensor; microcontroller; light source; data collection; calibration; measurement; photodiode; chromatical diagram; planckian locus

Abstract—The goal of this project was to implement a device, which can measure the illuminance and the correlatedcolor temperature (CCT) of a light source and also works as a webserver.The analyzation of light sources is very important in our everyday life. With the use of a webserver the measured values are easily accessible and the calculation methods can be changed without any changes on the hardware. It also provides a solution to store and analyze the results without further human interaction. Therefore the device is capable of collecting and analyzing a large amount of data.For these criterions we chose a PIC microcontroller, an Ethernet chip and two different sensors. One of the sensors is an RGB sensor and the other one is a LUX sensor. Both of the sensors are using photodiodes to sense the different attributions of a light source. Through this article we show the basic theory behind the project, the implementation and calibration of the device; then the results of the measurements and finally we mention some possibilities for future improvements.


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Doi number
10.17667/riim.2017.1/4 .