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Information about reviewing process

At the University of Debrecen the Department of Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics, Faculty of Engineering started publishing its online periodical journal called Recent Innovations in Mechatronics (RIiM)in 2014. The aim of establishing and publishing this journal was to publish studies, articles, research results made by our lecturers, scientific workshops, departments, academic or industrial researchers at the field of mechatronics on their official languages: Hungarian, English and German.
The members of the board of the journal:
prof. Péter Korondi DSc (Hungary)
prof. Sahin Yildirim PhD. (Turkey)
prof. Yasuharu KUNII PhD. (Japan)
prof. Ali AbdelgaffarSakr PhD. (Egypt)
prof. Tiberiu Vesselényi PhD. (Romania)
Csaba Szász PhD. (Romania)
Mihoko NIITSUMA PhD. (Japan)
Szilveszter Kovács PhD. (Hungary)
The journal is being established in an electrical journal system, called Métisz (a system which is able to operate and public online journals). In Métisz system work processes follow each other according to traditional journal editing principles. The system is online, so script sending, forwarding articles to reviewers, editors, clickers, proof-readers go on in electronic way. The processes are completed with automated electronic mail sending so participants working in issue editing receive e-mails about their new tasks. Authors have the chance to follow in which process their scripts are going on. The issues done are published on the online area of Métisz system (ISSN 2064-9622, DOI 10.17667).
All the steps of the publication process of Métisz system are the following ( ):

  • Uploading: An author uploads a script and fills in data fields.
  • Viewing: The editor-in-chief, the columnist or an appointee checks uploading and if he/she finds everything all right, he/she starts the process.
  • Reviewing an article: An article must be sent to the reviewer through the system.
  • A review: A reviewer does reviewing, writes down his/her opinion and returns it through the system.
  • Editing by a clicker: A clicker or a technician generates a html format and uploads a PDF file (It is optional.).
  • Publishing an issue: The final step of a work process is to publish the new issue. At this time the earlier actual issue is exchanged and it is taken to the Archives.

The steps of reviewing:
The editing board pays exceptional attention to meet qualitative expectations. In order to this the editorial team keeps its own right to refuse a script. If the editorial team thinks that received script is suitable for publishing they will ensure anonym vetting of which result the author will be informed. The editorial team decides on correction and publishing of a script considering vetting (usually with the opinion of two or more experts). In case readers describe several questions about any topic which would be worth to be revised and the editorial board feels them necessary to implement them readers can be involved on decision making again. Each script is also checked by an editorial member or a reading editor that has an eye to the correction of tiny professional imprecision and lingual- stylistically. All the elements of the process take place in Métisz system.
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